One Arrested for Car Theft

The Traffic Department has indicated that on Thursday, 12th May, 2011, Tariq Finley was charged with “larceny of motor vehicle P2315, owned by Stacy Williams of Bird Rock”.

Information which reached this media house suggested that on 6th May, 2011, Williams reported to the Basseterre Police Station that she has arrived home that evening and when she disembarked the vehicle (leaving the key in the ignition) to open the gate to her yard, a masked individual boarded the vehicle and drove off with it.

Williams, according to police information, immediately reported the incident.

The vehicle, also according to police, surfaced later that evening when it was involved in a police chase which reportedly took place somewhere in the St. Peters area and made its way to the F. T. Williams Highway where it was involved in a traffic accident.

As explained by Sergeant Amory of the Traffic Department, when the driver of P2315 got to the Shadwell roundabout, he failed to keep “left” but instead travelled “right” and collided with another vehicle.

The occupants of the stolen vehicle, who according to Amory total four, fled the scene but one, a juvenile, was captured and was said to be assisting with investigations. The officer told that a search of the vehicle revealed that it contained the registration plates for three vehicles.

Sergeant Amory indicated that the juvenile has since been released but further noted that Finley is likely to face other charges related to the traffic accident and other traffic violations.

Investigations are ongoing.

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