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One confirmed dead in St. Lucia boat tragedy

Reports are that ‘Paragen’ and another male identified as Joachim Theodore were found by the local French vessel around 7.p.m. Sunday, July 24.

The two had left in a fishing pirogue named ‘Move It’ and bearing registration number J6116 on Thursday from Vieux Fort, on July 21 around 6.a.m. but failed to return the same day.

One of the men did not show up, a report was made with local authorities, who then contacted their counterparts in neighboring islands seeking their help to locate the missing vessel.

Marine Superintendent John Preville said although several searches were conducted by local marine police, the French and a team from Barbados, there were still no trace of the missing vessel until Sunday.

Reports are that the men encountered difficulties in the water and made an attempt to tow the vessel, but it sank.

Only one of the two men survived.

Investigations are ongoing.

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