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One More Jam for Carnival Revellers

According an official of the Grand Masters, this is to give the fans a chance to celebrate with the band. The event will take place this week Saturday, 14th January, 2012.

The jam will commence at 5:00pm, from Grand Masters’ Band House in St Johnson Village, making its way through the streets of Basseterre, climaxing at the BCA, on Central Street.

A Band official has stated, “People keep saying that Party Central finished too quickly, so Grand Masters will give you another Party Central jam right after our jam on the road. We will pull in at Party Central and jam you straight down into the hours of the morning”

Grand Masters Band captured their 8th Road March title during the 40th Anniversary of National Carnival after storming to victory with their popular tune “Step Pon Dem”

Also, after the victory Jam, the BCA will be offering revellers free ‘Goat Water’ and ‘Cook up’, courtesy the management.

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