One more VP album for Etana

“I have one more album left with VP. After that album, I will no longer be a VP artiste as our agreement would have expired. I plan to release single after single, do my own videos, tour extensively and stay current,” she told Splash in an e-mail response.

While she did not give specifics about the proposed split, Etana hinted at inadequate promotion for her album, Better Tomorrow, as being among the reasons.

Released in February by VP, a lot was expected for Better Tomorrow, her third album.

“I do believe it could, should, have gotten a lot more support from the label in marketing/promotions,” she said.

The company also distributed Etana’s previous albums. She is the latest artiste to express dissatisfaction with VP, a Jamaica-owned label credited with breaking dancehall in the United States during the 1990s.

Lady Saw, Tanya Stephens and TOK have left the company in recent years.

Etana, who has toured the US, Japan and New Zealand to promote Better Tomorrow, will headline the Reggae Culture Salute show in New York on November 2.

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