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Operation Rescue Holds Freedom March

The march, which is but another part of Operation Rescue’s mission – as was explained by its founder, former Cabinet Minister G. A. Dwyer Astaphan – to rescue the country from the clutches of Prime Minister Dr. Denzil Douglas who has plunged the country into a state of economic despair.

The marched commenced at West Independence Square shortly after 4:00 p.m. and worked its way through Basseterre’s main thoroughfares, Fort Street, Central Street, Bay Road and Cayon Street.

At the head of the march were a number of men who carried a white casket which, according to reports reaching, symbolised the pain and anguish experienced by citizens of the land on account of the high and escalating cost of living, the crime predicament among other things.

Many placards were hoisted into the air, suggesting their carriers’ feelings and attitude towards what they have described as the Federation’s current state.Freedom-March1

The paraphernalia read, “Kittitians time to defend your country and yourself”, “Poor people can’t take no more”, “Stranger to the Truth”, “Integration not Segregation”, “We deserve accountability and integrity in public life”, “Am a Labour not a Douglas”  and “Stop the Crime now save our youths”, among others. To further emphasize their points of view, the marchers shouted their messages repeatedly along the route of the march.

The march increased in size as it progressed, culminating at Bank Street where a rally was held, featuring Operation Rescue members including Astaphan, Washington ‘Washie’ Archibald and Richard Caines.

At the rally, the speakers reiterated comments they had made on previous occasions admonishing the listeners to be aware of what is happening in the country and to think seriously about, as they explained, rescuing the Federation.

Information reaching this media house suggests that organizers of the march have indicated that they are pleased with the outcome of the march and have hailed it a success.




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