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Operation Rescue March Friday

The objective of the march, said the Operation Rescue representatives is to call for lower electricity rates.

In a comment made on 15th May, Mr. Astaphan said that the need for the people of the Federation to march and show their pain from the killer electricity rates is so high that the Prime Minister himself called on the people to march with him on Labour Day for lower rates.

“But while the people may have doubted the Prime Minister’s legitimacy in the matter and so chose en masse not to accept his invitation to march with him, Operation Rescue has made the arrangements for the people to have their own march  on Friday, 18th May, to demand lower electricity rates and other relief in this terrible guava crop which is strangling the people of this land and forcing them into pain and poverty”, said Mr. Caines.

Mr. Astaphan stated that the march is to be peaceful, purposeful, sober and dignified, and he encouraged citizens and residents, regardless of their political affiliation, and whether employed in the public or private sector, to attend, and to prepare and bring their own placards, which, he insisted, must be decently worded.

He also encouraged employers to encourage their employees to participate in this very important exercise in democracy and citizens’ action by letting those who wish to march to leave work at 3:30 without deducting their pay. And he called upon church and other community and business leaders, and youth groups and youth leaders, to take part.

The starting point for the march is at West Independence Square below Central Street, then it will proceed south on that Street, then west on Bay Road, north on Fort Street, west on Cayon Street, south on Church Street, west on Liverpool Row, south on College Street, east on Bay Road and north on Fort Street to The Circus where the march will end. Then Operation Rescue will have a rally at Bank Street immediately after the march.

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