The objective of ‘Operation Rescue’ is to encourage greater thoughtfulness, analysis, independent-mindedness and peaceful but firm action by Kittitians and Nevisians in our own affairs, as we seek to get ourselves out of this fiscal, moral and social mess that we have allowed ourselves to be led into.

‘Operation Rescue’ strongly believes that if we are to get ourselves out of the mess, we have to send home the person who we allowed to lead us into it.

‘Operation Rescue’ is no one-man show. It was initiated by a small group of persons, but it is intended to be for all citizens and residents, regardless of political affiliation.

It belongs to every citizen and resident of this Federation:

1. Who wants more transparency, better governance, and greater efficiency in government; and

2. Who is fed up with the mismanagement and the manipulation by Denzil and with all of the suffering, present and to come, that has been, and will be, endured by individuals and nation alike, as a result of Denzil’s mismanagement and manipulation?

We’re very heartened by the response and support that we’ve had thus far.

Last Thursday’s public meeting was massive. The police estimated over 1,400 people present (Labour and PAM people sitting or standing together in peace and harmony, and listening intently).

In addition, Greenlands (not just the Park, but all of Greenlands) was choc-a-bloc with vehicles, not to mention Cayon Street (which was made one-way), and the avenues in McKnight.

Also, I’m told that Miyvue.com received 1,314 viewers, and that WINNFM reported over 11,000 internet listeners, quite apart from folks in the Federation who tuned in via radio.

It is clear that many people agree, and are associating themselves, with the objective of ‘Operation Rescue’.

But this is just the beginning. Because with each passing day, more and more of you(Labour, PAM and others) will shed your apprehension and fear and take a stand in your own cause and that of your children and your nation, as you  increasingly feel the pinch of having higher expenses but less money to pay them with.

Analysis has shown that income earners in this land will lose between 12% and 48% of our disposable income because of the tax and electricity blitzkrieg that Denzil is waging. And while we worry about that, we also worry about the fact that the ranks of those who earn no income at all, the unemployed, are increasing. This means more suffering!

Meanwhile, analysis has also shown that businesses are showing revenue losses ranging between 15% and 50%, and increases in operating costs of up to 50%.

All of these are bad signs. Bad for businesses (don’t be surprised if you see more closures, downsizing and bankruptcies),  bad for job holders (perhaps reduced wages and salaries), bad for job seekers (higher unemployment, less productivity and higher social costs), bad for consumers, bad for the economy, and bad ultimately for the Government.

The heavy pressure can be expected to start from around March-April, 2011, after the January electricity bills are received. And it can be expected to last a long, long time.

Maybe somebody can ask Denzil if he buys groceries in St. Kitts, or if he pays lights bills, water bills and all of the other bills that the rest of us pay. Or if he pays duty and VAT at the airport like the rest of us do. Maybe he isn’t aware of our pain.

Maybe he doesn’t even care, because while he tells us that we have to gird our loins, and threatens us with prosecution if we don’t pay our VAT, he takes up our money and gets a new Prado SUV worth $280,000.00.

Is that what VAT, the other taxes and the increased electricity rates are for? To make us thin like Jack Sprat while he lives like a fat cat? And doing so off our money?

Do you see why you need to stand with ‘Operation Rescue’ and to see to it that Denzil is sent home?

For God’s sake, the Government needs to spend nearly 40 cents in every dollar of revenue that it collects, not for the hospitals, for the clinics, for the schools, for the security agencies, or for improved infrastructure and economic growth or social development, but to pay debt.

That is a dangerously unsustainable situation to be in.

So Denzil sucks the cash out of consumers and businesses, because he desperately needs to collect money to pay down this humongous debt.

And what’s the first thing he does with our money? He buys the $280,000.00 SUV!

Government is doing all it can to encourage employers not to make workers redundant because Government has no money to pay redundant workers, but he finds money to buy a brand new $280,000.00 SUV for him to ride around in.

It’s a mess, and a shame, I tell you! And it will lead more of you to become a part of ‘Operation Rescue’.

As 55-year-old public sector employees are sent home (with not the slightest clue just one year ago that Denzil had all of that planned  behind the ‘It’s Working’ screen), but now learning that the retirement age is to be raised to 62 years by legislation in April,2011, and as those who remain in the service endure the freeze in increments (although special friends continue to get theirs),  more public sector workers and retirees will see the need to become part of ‘Operation Rescue’.

And all of those persons who he has sent home now have to understand that they have the power to send him home and that now is their time to do so through ‘Operation Rescue’.

As members of the security forces realize that the effort to improve their conditions (by providing, inter alia, concessions land and housing, and vehicles) was ignored, then they too will appreciate the importance of linking up with ’Operation Rescue’.

And as Denzil continues, in his contemptuous and arrogant way, and refuses to pass Integrity in Public Life and Freedom of Information laws and to be transparent and accountable, and as he continues to behave as if the Government is his personal thing, he gives you more than enough reason to join ‘Operation Rescue’.

If you feel offended by his statement that the SIDF is a private foundation, with (get this: an “independent board”) and that, as such, it doesn’t come under scrutiny like Government entities, yet the people who put money into it get passports of the Federation of St. Kitts & Nevis, then you already realize that SIDF business is your business, that you need to find out about it, and that you have good reason to link up with ‘Operation Rescue’.

As you continue to feel humiliated by the fact that you have to beg him for a piece of land, or for a house (although you have your money to pay for it, and although Robert Bradshaw stood in Buckley’s Estate Yard and claimed the land for you 37 years ago) or for a job, or for a scholarship for your child, you must now put an end to your humiliation and become part of ‘Operation Rescue’.

If you have begun to realize that he wants you to follow and praise him blindly and that he wants to keep you dependent on him, rather than using his high office to help liberate and elevate your spirit, your brain, and your sense of enterprise, creativity and dignity, then it’s time for you to take a key role in ‘Operation Rescue’.

If you live in his Constituency, or in any other, and you want a house, and you have the money to pay for a house, or even to make a down-payment, but you see houses that are completed or nearly completed, yet they are locked down, and on top of that they’re being vandalized and stripped, then you will want to come into ‘Operation Rescue’.

You have to rescue yourselves.

If you witness the reprehensible behaviour in Parliament, and you reflect on the utterly distasteful language on the platform, and if you have ever had to wait an hour, or more, for a function to start, because of Denzil’s notorious lateness, then you will have good reason to hook up with ‘Operation Rescue’, because you will understand that the nation’s youth deserve better role models, and that a leader who does not respect time, also does not respect God or those whom he leads.

‘Operation Rescue’ is about you and it is for you. You need to be rescued out of this mess, and from the clutches of a leader whose interests are obviously not the same as yours.

You cannot expect him to rescue you from him. It’s you who must do that!

The momentum is building and it needs to continue.

Shortly, we will announce another public meeting and there will be protest events and activities. Some of you may be in a rush to get there. Please be patient.




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