Opposition senator accuses Government of deception

This was expressed on a radio program where he indicated that Government was spending public funds. He said it does not matter if the funds came from Venezuela or anybody else, that it is public funds and must “be accounted for, with proper criteria set out for the distribution of the money”.

Senator Carty made the claim that some funds were improperly distributed. He said, “Lots of people have gotten money simply because they are supporters of the Government. They never worked one day. I know of a young man who got $22,000 who never worked one day in the industry, but he said he is getting his fair share, because he was out there doing what he had to do to undermine the Labour administration.”

Senator Carty also reiterated the former Labour administration’s stance that there was no additional money to be paid out to sugar workers. He stated, “The Labour Government paid people who were in the industry when it closed to satisfy their obligations. There was no money to pay! They were $300 million in debt by the sugar industry alone, and about 175 percent debt to GDP.”

He said the Labour administration worked hard to turn around the debt situation and left millions of dollars in the bank, and accused the Team Unity Government of creating a platform to pay out monies.

Senator Carty said, “If Government wanted to open the coffers of Government and give people money, which they are now saying is a gratuitous payment, then those criteria should have been very clear that people could have known exactly what to expect; whether they were going to get or not get, and if they were going to get, how much they were going to get.”

He accused the Government of being less than open about the process and said, “This Government is non-transparent. It is dictatorial and it’s fascist.” He alleged, “The way the affairs of this Government are being conducted is basically coming out of the Modus Operandi, the personality, the personal practices and beliefs of Timothy Harris. It’s a deceptive Government… deceiving the public about governance.”

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