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Oprah Winfrey new cable channel receives Stinging Remarks from Critics

The New York Times’ called the channel a “no cynicism zone” and said the Queen of Talk’s brainchild was “striking for what it lacked”. wrote that only die-hard Winfrey fans would like most of the programs that air on the network, which range from cooking shows and how to un-clutter your home to celebrity reality series starring Duchess of York, Sarah Ferguson and country music star, Shania Twain.

But there was praise for Oprah Presents Master Class, which features accomplished people, including Jay-Z and Diane Sawyer, reflecting on how they achieved success.

A writer from The Root summed up her feelings in one word -“disappointed.”

The author Jennifer E. Mabry blasted the 25 year talk show veteran saying that OPWN is ‘part of its [televisions] further degeneration by adding to an already glutted market of voyeuristic dreck.”

Mabry said Oprah found “anyone with a heartbeat and a willingness to have cameras follow them during their ordinary day-to-day life, and voilà theres a TV show!”’

OWN is a joint venture between Winfrey and Discovery Communications, and is available in 85 million homes.

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