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Optimism about Performance in Agricultural Sector

On 7th March, 2012 they will host the Annual Review and Planning Meeting which is one of the management tools that is being utilized to review the island’s performance while they also outline plans for the current year. 

The premier agriculture event will be held at the Conference Room of the Royal St Kitts Hotel (formerly Jack Tar).  Some two hundred participants including farmers are expected for the day- long event. 

The event is taking place at a time when the agriculture sector is on an up-swing.  Following a double digit increase in agricultural outputs in 2010, agriculture again increased overall by 5%.  Significant increases were recorded in egg production (10%), mutton (3.3%), and pork production (1.2%).  Cabbage production (60%), onion (105%), sweet pepper (30%) and white potato increased significantly in 2011 by 120%.  Pineapple output recorded a nine year high at 353,540lbs, the highest since 2003.  Yam production reached a nine year high of 81,400lbs. 

The Department of Agriculture is pleased that in 2011 they were called to increase dramatically land preparation services by 162%. 

Some highlights of 2011 include a livestock and crop project with McGill University, the implementation of several projects in the primary schools, completing the survey regarding internal parasites in swines. 

According to Dr Timothy Harris, Minister of International Trade, Industry, Commerce, Consumer Affairs, Agriculture, Marine Resources and Constituency Empowerment “The farmers are continuing to produce and all that is left is for us to give them support by buying their products when we can.  He said if only we could get the resources to address the ten major constraints identified by Heads of Government, our agricultural sector will be a major propeller of economic growth.  I am optimistic that we will see improvements to the sector in 2012.  I am heartened by what we have achieved with very limited resources”.


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