Over 5 million spent to renovate BHS

He says government is satisfied with the significant work they have done on all of the schools in St. Kitts and are very happy that they have put the Education infrastructure in a better position to make teachers and students a lot more comfortable.

Minister Carty added that these upgrades were a collaborative effort with Public Works and other Ministries to bring the schools up to date; to bring them up to scratch; to make them places that are wholesome and; that are safe for students and teachers.

The Education Minister stated that there has been a tremendous amount of work done throughout the schools especially at the Basseterre High School where over EC $5 million was spent to completely refurbish the labs, offices and auditorium.

Minister Carty explained that he is pleased that there has been significant progress made on the school.

“The place looks like brand new virtually and we are very happy for that,” the Minister noted. “We’ve built additional classrooms. We just have some additional work to do in terms of instillation of certain basic items in the labs, gas lines, extractor fans and so forth and I think we would be well on our way.”

Minister Carty added that there may be some additional challenges at the school that his Ministry will continue to look into. 

“We are doing all that we can to work with the various agencies of Government to get to the bottom of those concerns,” Minister Carty emphasized. “The Ministry has accomplished a lot over the past four years.”

The minister and other officials have been engaged in island-wide tour of educational institutions and have also already visited the Advanced Vocational Education Centre (AVEC), Project Strong, Dean Glasford Primary, School Meals, Beach Allen Primary, Dr. William Connor Primary, Irishtown Primary and Tucker Clark Primary.



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