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Over 8 million in car sales on VAT discount day was informed by one dealer that their entire stock was sold out. The company official indicated that they began planning very early in the year for the possibility of such a sale, hoping that the government would again authorize discounts on the payment of the Value Added Tax, (VAT), as was done previously, around the busy Christmas and carnival period.

Overall has learnt that in St. Kitts alone, and just from two major dealers, approximately 70 vehicles were sold to consumers who decided to take advantage of the 12% VAT discount.

Another dealer explained that their performance surpassed the targets that were established during their planning exercise. He said that they did three times the value of sales on one day, when compared to their monthly sales.

From the two dealers spoken to by, approximately 8 million dollars in sales were generated from the combined sales.

Amongst the category of vehicles transacted were SUVs, pickups and sedans.

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