Over EC$50,000 awarded in TDC Michael King Scholarships

Chairman of TDC, Earle Kelly, challenged the four recipients on Wednesday morning, during the scholarship presentations at TDC Headquarters on Fort Street, Basseterre, to return and contribute to their national community, because this in itself, could encourage the company to not only continue the program to benefit others, but to also consider increasing the level of funds allocated for each beneficiary.

Kelly appealed to them to return home after the completion of their studies instead of remaining overseas to contribute to another society or country. “We need you back here,” stated the Chairman. He revealed that while many of the females who have benefitted return home and contribute to nation-building; too many of the males remain overseas.

But Kelly indicated that TDC sees the scholarship as an investment in the youth of the Federation and something that is important to do, not because they want publicity, but that it is something that they ought to do. “The citizens are our customers, they are the ones who make us successful, and like a responsible corporate entity, we need to give back,” stated the TDC CEO.

He told the four recipients, two from St. Kitts and the same number from Nevis, that TDC will follow their progress to better learn how the investment in them is unfolding, because as a business entity, TDC wants to ensure that there is a great return on their investment to the benefit of St. Kitts and Nevis.

The scholarship, which is now in its 7th year, began in 2008 and was named in honour of the former Chairman and CEO, Michael King, who Kelly said remains someone who has a passion for excellence and education. Kelly said King always wanted people to be educated at all levels, from on the job training, right up to the university level.

Since 2008, some EC$378,000 have been spent on the program with each recipient receiving EC$13,500 as a one year financial support package. Therefore the four winners for this year have now been given their funds which can be used for undergraduate or post graduate studies in a wide range of disciplines.

Those selected this year are Camech Emanuel, Stephon Duggins, Stedroy Brand and Akela Huggins, joining a community of 28 persons who have so far benefitted.

One former scholar, Calvin Duggins, who spoke at the ceremony told the new inductees of the program that they should not only see the scholarship as gaining some financial assistance, but that they should be grateful, humble, appreciative, ensuring to make good on the promises and potential they possess. He encouraged TDC to continue assisting in the upliftment of the country because to educate one is to improve the lives of several.


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