Overseas Coaches Travel to St. Kitts for Certification

Speaking with MiyVue.com, the SKNAAA Public Relations Officer Evris Huggins revealed that the course will be held over the period 6th to 19th December during which time participants will be seeking to obtain their certification as a level 2 coach.


“A number of overseas coaches level 1 are expected to be a part of the two week seminar where they will be seeking to obtain their level 2 athletic certificate,” Huggins explained.

“So far we’ve had confirmation from level 1 coaches from US Virgin Island and Montserrat while there are a few others who have also indicated their interest,” the PRO added.

According to Huggins, “The SKNAAA is proud to know that there are local coaches who are qualified enough to certify others from abroad.”

“We view this achievement not only for the SKNAAA but also as a significant contribution to the federation’s sport tourism development. Here we have persons travelling from abroad to be a part of a locally organized training seminar and while here these individuals will be contributing the economy as well… This, I must say, is an honour for us,” Huggins added.

The seminar will be held at the Silver Jubilee National Track and Field Stadium and will be facilitated by local level 5 coach and level 2 lecturer, Lonzo Wilkinson and assisted by Trinidadian Desai Williams who is also a level 5 certified coach.

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