Palestinians decry Gaza journalist killings

Twenty-four-year-old Khaled Hamad worked for a local media company in Gaza City called ‘Continue’ Production Films. He was killed alongside 28-year-old ambulance driver Fouad Jaber when an Israeli tank shell struck the ambulance in which they were travelling.

The two were in the hard-hit neighbourhood of Shujayea, as Jaber’s ambulance was one of the first to arrive to evacuate the wounded, and collect the dead bodies.

“I had an unusual feeling, something etched deep in my heart,” said Abu Fouad, about the day his son was killed.

At least 1,865 Palestinians have been killed, and 9,563 others have been injured, since Israel’s military offensive on the Gaza Strip began almost one month ago. Sixty-four Israeli soldiers have also been killed, along with two Israeli civilians and one Thai worker.

Since the war began, at least 11 Palestinian media workers have been killed: Three at different times in the Shujayea neighbourhood, a driver for Gaza news agency Media 24 in an Israeli air strike in Gaza City, and another five were killed while not on duty. The New York-based Committee to Protect Journalists (CPJ) is still investigating the cases of another three reported deaths of journalists.

“When Fouad was killed, I felt the pain of all the families who have lost loved ones, I felt the agony of separation, I felt how parents feel when they bury their children and return home with an empty heart and empty handed,” Abu Fouad told Al Jazeera.




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