PAM Accused of Preparing to Remove Government by Force


This was expressed on Tuesday, 5th April, 2011 during that days edition of the Prime Minister’s “Ask the PM” radio programme.

Dr. Douglas, during his opening statement, made reference to the PAM’s convention which was held on Sunday, 3rd April, 2011, and broadcast live on radio during which, as he explained, a resolution and comments were made.

“Those of you who on Sunday were listening to the radio broadcast of the convention of the People’s Action Movement (PAM) would have heard through a particular resolution and comments that they are prepared to take up guns again to remove a lawfully elected government from office. The tapes are there of that convention preceding. I want to say that my government however, may have much work to do and that is going to be our focus.” obtained a copy of the resolution to which Dr. Douglas made reference, and it states, “The Federal Elections of 2010 and more recently the Local Elections of Nevis, have grossly highlighted the abusive practices, intimidation and electoral gerrymandering undertaken by the Federal Election Officials working in conjunction with the Ministry responsible for elections. The threat to democracy as a result of the 2008 Electoral Reform is real and may someday result in possible future armed uprising or military style overthrow as the only means of government change within the Federation of St. Kitts and Nevis. This we must avoid at all cost.”

Prior to that however, Dr. Douglas made reference to what he described as attempts made by the party in “looking for a quick slip path to power” specifically by “starting and fanning the rumour…that the government is attempting to take on another $500 M in debt” and he also made mention of the rumour which suggested that the price of Liquid Petroleum Gasoline would have doubled by the past weekend.

The Prime Minister also made reference to the happenings of 1967 noting that “those in St. Kitts who wanted political power in St. Kitts in 1960s but who were unwilling to invest in the hard work and dedication that is needed, and so they tried instead a path to power that they thought was quicker and easier and which was highly destabilising and illegal. Thanks heavens they failed.”

Prime Minister Dr. Douglas indicated that while he understands that there are those who “have not been elected by the people of St. Kitts and Nevis but who very much want political power” and while he sees nothing wrong with wanting political power, “there is a right way to do this and a wrong way…Public service is a noble and worthwhile field and in a democracy, everyone has the right to attempt to get into power, into government if they can, if he or she can…

“Any public servant and I should say all public servants all over the world, know that there is only one way…through hard work, sincerity, effectiveness and vision. The wrong way is through terrifying the public through the spreading of false and frightening rumours as though voters are children to be fooled and manipulated, scared and played with.”

This publication spoke with Deputy Leader of the People’s Action Movement, concerning Douglas’ comments about the taking up of guns and he explained that by making those comments, it is obvious that the Prime Minister did not listen to the convention.

“It is quite clear to me that the Prime Minister may not have listened to the convention and if he did, then he did not understand what the convention was about because at that convention, there were seven young people who made important presentations on subjects regarding governance and or administrative matters to do with government. And I thought that they were very thought-provoking, important addresses made by those young people.

“If you look at the resolution, it does say that we have to avoid that kind of thing at all cost. You are aware that in most countries around the world today where people are oppressed and downtrodden and deprived there is rebellion…we do not support that so therefore we say, we hope that that is avoided at all cost,” Hamilton expressed.


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