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PAM Comments on Court Ruling for Election Petition Case

The release from PAM stated, “The people’s Action Movement is pleased with the decision, handed down by Justice Lionel Jones, S.C. in the Nevis Election Petition Case. Today is a great day for democracy in the federation of St. Kitts & Nevis.”

At this time we do not have the written judgment to give a more informed and detailed analysis, continued the statement.

However, the party said it felt that its position and stance against the many irregularities, of the Electoral System, have been vindicated with this judgment.

“We welcome the news that the government controlled media must give fair and equal time. The People’s Action Movement has been advocating this for years while in opposition and we intend to avail ourselves of this option immediately,” stated PAM.

Once we receive the written judgment we will provide the public with more details, said the Pam release.


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