PAM Leader Hon. Shawn K Richards urges all to register NOW and vote

“I urge not only PAM supporters but all Kittitians and Nevisians and in particular our young people to participate in this watershed election and shape the future of the country. Let us vote for permanent productive jobs, food and better life for our generations to come, I encourage particularly supporters of the People’s Action Movement and our movement for UNITY to ensure that everyone in your household who is 18 and over are not only registered but properly so. I urge every man, woman and young person to register and vote” he appealed.

“We need PAM in a new UNITY government which can resolve the problems of this country and help the St.Kitts-Nevis economy to get back on track,” said Richards.

He urged all to remain resolute, vigilant and focused on the last mile towards democratic change in St.Kitts .

“There is little doubt that Prime Minister Douglas will pull out all the stops to steal this elections. He will empty the treasury, if there is anything there to empty, and the SIDF to ensure an election victory if he has to. However the people of this country (are) who will and must have the final say. That is why it is important that all who are eligible to have a say must ensure that they have a say in choosing the direction they want the country to go and the government they deserve. Register today and ensure that all who you know are registered as well. This is critical if we have any concern about the direction our country is heading,” Richards implored.

Richards and the People’s Action Movement are in the middle of a Public Meeting series which will next take them to Constituency #1 East Basseterre with newly announced Candidate Ian “Patches” Liburd on Thursday May 9th and to Sandy Point on Sunday May 12th. There will also be a Townhall meeting in Molineux at The Edgar Gilbert Pavilion on Wednesday May 8th at 8pm.


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