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PAM Leader Sends Coded Message to Condor & Harris

Grant, in what some are calling one of his best speeches as political leader, made known his feelings, that with the present government leader, (Dr. Denzil Douglas), and his administration, “We are lost in an ocean of despair. Ours is a cause of depression, if change does not come,” argued Mr. Grant.

It is time to end the ‘Affluent Society” that is reserved ONLY for the “Church Street Cabal” of close friends and family, he said.

With the support of his members behind him, the PAM leader said he had a message for those who are not members of his party, but who are willing to put country above self. “My message to you is that, it is time you take action, to bring an end to the mad dictatorship of a despot who seems willing to sink the entire ship, if he cannot continue to be its captain.”

Grant continued, “As Sir Kennedy said at the dawn of our independence, we call upon our citizens to be loyal to this nation, which belongs to us all. Our concept of loyalty does not preclude healthy differences of opinion, political or otherwise. It, however, expects each and every one of us, to place Country above Self.”

“Sir Kennedy reminded us then, and it is still relevant today, that we cannot achieve these objectives without effort and sacrifice. This period in our history is not a time for sluggards. It is a time for the intelligence, initiative and creativity of our people to blossom fort in all its fullness,” stated Mr. Grant.Lindsay-Grant12

“My dear brothers and sisters, and especially my dear comrades, we must be united in our objectives and be purposeful in seeking (to bring an end to this one man show), and bring a better quality of life to all our people. Let it be known to those on the other side, that in a new political dispensation, under the next PAM administration, ours will be a tent that is broad enough, and with as many colours, to welcome those who are true patriots, and who awoke one day, to embrace the principle, that good men are willing to take action, no matter how difficult, so that evil is not allowed to flourish.”

What some sources have explained is that Grant’s references about a party tent that is broad enough and with many colours; was a signal to Deputy Prime Minister Sam Condor and Senior Minister, Dr. Timothy Harris, that they would be welcomed in a united effort to fight the cause to legally remove Dr. Douglas as Prime Minister of St. Kitts and Nevis.

Grant’s message, explained the source, was to also urge Condor and Harris to take action now, and demonstrate that they are true patriots of the country, and they should not be deterred by the magnitude of the sacrifice.

It was Grant’s view that the Government of the day is so divided and dysfunctional that they would pass each other in the corridors of Government Headquarters like strangers and enemies.

“And instead of having a Cabinet of Ministers that makes policies for the good of the country, it has deteriorated into a force of ONE, which is divided in 10,” stated the PAM leader.

The annual convention was held at the party headquarters on Sunday 18th March, 2012, with Jamaica’s former Prime Minister, Andrew Holness as the Guest Speaker.


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