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PAM Rolls into Central Basseterre

A party release has explained that the meeting is just the start of a series of events the party is planning to take its “message of change to the people.”

This was the sentiment of People’s Action Movement Deputy Chairperson Attorney Jonel Powell in highlighting his party’s activities over the next few days, said the release, issued recently.

According to Powell, the party will be hosting a series of activities including Town hall Meetings, Constituency Group meetings and Public Meetings over the next few days and weeks.

The first in the next series of events is a Public Meeting in Central Basseterre on Thursday Evening December 13th at the corner of Shear Lane and Central Street. The Public Meeting is expected to address many of the issues plaguing the country and indeed the hot topic issue of the moment and that is the pending vote of “NO CONFIDENCE” and the ensuing possible general elections.

The Central Basseterre constituency group also held a planning meeting on Wednesday evening, 12th December at the Headquarters.

Along with Thursday night’s public meeting, the 45 year old party will be staging a special meeting on Monday evening at Party Headquarters for ALL PAM supporters and well-wishers. The main purpose of that meeting is to bring supporters up to date with the events that have been unfolding and the party’s detailed position on these issues.

The Deputy Chairperson also indicated that the East Basseterre PAM Constituency Group will be hosting their Christmas Party on Sunday at the Newtown Playfield and the Central Basseterre Group will be hosting their Christmas Party on Tuesday 17th December at Party Headquarters.

According to Powell, plans for the Central Basseterre Christmas party have been finalized and the event is expected to draw hundreds of children from the community. Powell also indicated that some consideration is being given to possibly having two parties in two different areas, considering the size of the constituency. However he said for now the party will be at Party Headquarters.

We are gearing up the machinery as we… expect an election shortly,” said Powell.

We want our people to grasp and understand that they need to prepare themselves and get in gear and be ready to take back our country from the incapable hands of Dr. Denzil Douglas,” Powell continued.


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