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PAM to Strengthen Defense Force When Returned to Government

Hamilton made the point while being interviewed on Freedom Radio on Friday afternoon, (January 25th, 2013).

The Member of Parliament for St. Peters, Cayon, Keys and Conaree, indicated that “today we are seeing where a properly trained, educated, equipped and guided defense force can serve our country well. It is obvious that the army plays a critical role in our country’s development today.”

The Defense Force has many non-military functions and has become increasingly involved in “policing,” including the combating of drug and other illegal activity and over the years has become a critical component of the country’s development, explained the PAM Deputy Leader, who on Friday was celebrating the Third Anniversary of his term in parliament.  He was elected on 25th January, 2010, at the time of the last general elections in St. Kitts and Nevis.

“In fact our party’s intention is to enhance the capabilities and expand the responsibilities of the Defense Force, to include other activities such as operating as first responders in situations of crisis and disasters,” said Hamilton.


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