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Parliamentary Meeting On Tuesday could be Final Episode of Political Saga

It could also be the last battle before the Prime Minister, Dr. Denzil Douglas, makes his move against his two colleagues; one who is his Deputy Prime Minister and Deputy Party Leader (Sam Condor) and the other (Dr. Timothy Harris) the Chairman of the party and the so called Senior Minister.

Meanwhile the opposition members of the legislature in St. Kitts and Nevis have indicated that they are still uncertain about what is the agenda for the proposed meeting of the National Assembly that has been announced by the government, for next week.

It was only recently that two meetings of the Assembly were postponed, suspended or cancelled. No one seems to know exactly the right terminology to be applied to categorize the actions that were taken. These were related to the presentation of the annual Budget and also the debate on proposed legislation for the increase in the number of senators, as intended by the ruling Labour Party. Equally, despite the filing of a resolution by the opposition parties (PAM and CCM), no effort has been made to have the parliament address this very important motion, that those in the opposition have stated must be given priority over any other business to be attempted for debate in the House.

While speculations have been ongoing about the items up for discussion on Tuesday, some opposition sources have suggested possible reasons for the meeting; and these include:

  • Making an attempt to present the outstanding Budget. (Some say unlikely);
  • Simply to test the “political waters” to discover what would be the reaction of the opposition. (some say very possible);
  • Continue the action to increase the number of senators. (Possible, but not strongly felt to be so);
  • Pay tribute to the late William Kelsick, who in addition to being the former head of the S.L. Horsford Group of companies, was also a former member of the Legislature (parliament) and the Executive Council (called Cabinet in modern times). (Very possible; but only as a “safe” measure to test the waters and to trick the opposition into a parliamentary debate on a subject, that is given priority over the Motion of No Confidence; thereby trying to prove that the opposition and their motion have to wait in line, as the Prime Minister recently opined. (Very possible, because this would force the opposition into an awkward position of not speaking on the subject of the death of a former parliamentarian, albeit of the 1950s. (Possible).
  • Others are of the view that the meeting will be a very short one to pay tribute to the New Governor General and the recently retired head of State…all really as a pretense…again to test the waters of having a meeting of the Assembly but no debate on a vote of no confidence. (Highly possible).

There were two other likely possibilities that the opposition sources indicated they wished not to disclose, at this time.

Now, the removal late yesterday of Sam Condor as the longstanding leader of Government Business in the House, has added another mix to the game play for the ruling party, though this was predicted by some political observers. The next move expected is the removal of both Sam Condor and Dr. Timothy Harris from their leadership positions in the party.

When the notice of the Assembly meeting was circulated on Tuesday, all it said was that the St. Kitts and Nevis National Assembly is to meet next week.

It continued, “Deputy Clerk of the lawmaking body Ms. Jihan Williams in a notice to members informed them that the St. Kitts and Nevis National Assembly will convene on Tuesday 15th January 2013 at 10:00 a.m. at the National Assembly Chambers, Government Headquarters. Ms. Williams informed members that the Order Paper and other Papers will be sent at a later date.”

Opposition members said that though the Order Paper, which outlines the agenda, should be sent out to parliamentarians in a more timely manner, (at least 3 clear working days), so that they may adequately prepare for debate presentations, they do not expect the courtesy or rules to be followed. They said that they would not be surprised if the Order Paper is delayed for distribution to them, until this coming Friday; which would make it three days but not “clear and working days”.

In addition, the opposition members are predicting that on the day of the meeting, Tuesday, they are going to be presented with amendments to the Order Paper, just as they are walking into the Assembly. This, they said, has been the tactic used by the government in the past.


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