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Parry Announces two New Hotels on Nevis


The plan, Parry revealed, is to develop a hotel on the beach in Pinney’s, while an environmentally friendly hotel will be constructed in the hills, along with an 18-hole golf course.

Parry, who is also Minister of Tourism, added that they are to meet with the developers in May and by then, will be presented with the plans.

Parry also said that for the past two years they were negotiating for this project, but because of certain issues, the process was halted, but now an agreement has been reached with the developers and they will be moving very quickly with the development of the property.

“I can see that Pinney’s will have a great impact under the development of Four Seasons over the next 10- 15 years,” the Premier predicted.

The people of Nevis should be proud, because despite a number of obstacles, the government was able to negotiate in order for the development to take place for the benefit of the country. This also allows the island to generate more money for the treasury.

“I am looking forward to the next 3 years or so, to see the whole thing taking form and shape, and developing into a lovely resort with two hotels in the area,” Parry concluded.


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