Parry: “CCM Trying to Make NRP Look Like Demons”

Parry and his team convened a press conference in Charlestown on Monday, to rebut allegations that have been leveled by the CCM at the former NRP Island Administration. CCM has exposed what it considers to have been significant financial irregularities that were mainly designed to benefit NRP supporters and members.

Many of these people said CCM were given jobs and contracts that were never fulfilled; with some of the persons contracted not even showing up for work.

Parry said however that this was not so. He charged that CCM seems intent on dismantling every program that NRP developed during their term of office. “Under the guise of saving $250,000 monthly- over one hundred persons have been sent home without a job. Mr. Amory has claimed that these persons were not needed. Some did not turn up to work and others never worked. The CCM propaganda machine has repeated this statement world-wide,” stated Mr. Parry. 

But Parry said he felt obligated to directly refer to some of the 100 who have been sent home and the programs which consequently have been affected. 

“Firstly, the environmental programs… over 40 persons where dismissed.
My government deliberately employed them in an effort to induce them back into the work-force and away from a life of the gang culture and crime. During the past 18 months we have witnessed a major drop in most crime activities in Nevis. Secondly, the island was left clean apparently to visitors to Nevis. It was a way, a very successful way to attract investment and tourists,” said Parry defending his record. 

He explained that a Sports program was developed island- wide under the direction of   Derrick Parry, whom the former Premier described as a qualified coach, the second Nevisian to play West Indies cricket and a non-political figure who has an outstanding record of coaching in England and here on Nevis. The former Premier further indicated that he learned that Derrick Parry was accused of receiving three cheques per month: $4000 for the grass- roots program and another $500 for the grass roots program and another $500 for a third program.

Also fired said the NRP leader was “Trevor Chapman, known for his management skills and involvement in young people. A man who was changing the face of sports on Nevis was sent home. Dorette Daniel was changing the craft house for the first time, into a modern and Internet friendly facility, by using the internet as a marketing tool. She was sent home! Under CCM, for 14 years the building was like a grave yard.” 

“Kelly Maynard, one of the hardest working persons on Nevis, brought a positive work ethic and considerable know how from the private sector, was also sent home,” charged Parry.

Parry challenged, “Now which of these persons never turned out to work, Mr. Amory? These persons have families, children at school, at University? Do you know what you and your government are doing to them presently in the name of power and politics?”

He accused the CCM and the new Premier, Vance Amory, of building a massive prison around the people sent home. “You are jeopardizing their choices of getting another job, having deprived them and their families of a living. Never in the history of this country have we seen this callous and vindictive behaviour by anyone calling himself, ‘leader of Nevis’. This behavior that some people embrace as strength is really a cowardly and childish act of vindictiveness and short sightedness.”

The NRP leader stated that it is ironic that in the name of saving money, the present government has sent home over 100 persons, and is trying to make NRP look like demons for a policy that protected Nevisian families from the worst devastated effects of the recession.

But Parry also tried to assure his supporters especially those who have been fired and victimized by what he referred to as “foolish and shortsighted politicians”. To them he said, “I say hold on! We will fight the fight with you and we shall overcome, because justice like streams of waters forever flowing from mountains to the sea will always overcome.” 

Parry said that his party took their loss at the polls last month in good stride and has not made any legal challenges to the CCM victory and he thought that by now the island would have moved on.

But for the former Premier, “It is clear that all along this party called CCM was and is only interested in power and not the conduct of government.”



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