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Parry Dismisses political Reports about Day of Prayer

Parry speaking on his radio programme, ‘In Touch with the Premier’ on Tuesday this week, indicated that the service held in observation of the day, was not a was not a political prayer session and there was no intention of making politics out of it and it was organised before the decision of the court case came down.

He then outlined that it was rather associated with the people of Nevis, bringing people together and focusing on worship and on togetherness.

Parry said, “I just want to make that point and as people would realise the intention was quite sincere without any form of deception and we want people to continue to think in this vain. The hurricane season is coming up we know we have problems with youth delinquent gangs and we need to discourage people from getting involved with crime.”

He added that though the country is struggling because of the state of the world economy he said a positive mentality by the people is needed as well as good expectations of hope.

“I am very positive about things that happened during the day of prayer, churches were opened and I understand people around the island went to the churches and prayed,” he continued.

Members of the opposition on Nevis is said to have boycotted the observation as they felt it was politically motivated.


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