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Parry Ridicules CCM March

Parry stated that he does not want to develop any cult like behaviour in Nevis but he just want Nevisians to understand what is good for the country, and continue to practice democracy.

He added, “While some say the march was in favor of democracy, I can only assume the march was in favor of the NRP going to Appeal Court, because that is part of the democratic process.”

The Premier then said the right of appeal is provided by law, and if one feels that they have been dissatisfied by the court, there is a Court of Appeal, but there comes a time when one cannot appeal and the court decision has to be accepted.parry

Parry added that he understood that persons came to Nevis from St. Kitts for the march, as a boat was chartered by a Kittitian businessman, solely for the passengers to take part in the march at no expense to them.

According to the Premier, the St. Kitts passengers arrived in Nevis when the march was over and the rally was just about to begin.

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