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“Party Central: A Party-lover’s Home for Carnival”

Though entering its eight year this year, it has been an extremely difficult journey for the organizers, who each carnival, have had to overcome many challenges; many of which were thought to be unnecessary man-made obstacles. In the end however, the success of the annual street party was again realized in 2012/13, and event planners have walked away with a high level of measured satisfaction.

In summing up the season, President of the organizing group,  Mr. Zikomo Condor said, “We had yet another exciting and fun filled year for Party Central 2012; we picked right back up from where we left off last year, (2012). Things could always be better but we are quite pleased with the support we received this year.”

He also promised to continue to develop for the fans. “We have learned over the years that no matter how efficient and effective you think you have prepared, that there will always be unforeseen incidents that will arise and cause you think on your feet to resolve these issues as soon as possible. But we also have learned how much Party Central means to the fans and how much they look forward to it and that makes all the hard work worth it.” he said.

The group of promoters and entrepreneurs behind Party Central does not only earn an income from running their vending booths but they also create opportunities for other local vendors to earn a regular income during the carnival season. And of course they give carnival lovers the opportunity to party almost every night during the local carnival season which may be pretty dull otherwise.

Looking towards the future of Party Central Mr. Condor said, “On behalf of the Party Central family we wish to extend New Year greetings to the entire nation, may we have all the prosperity and success the Lord will allow for this upcoming year. We would also like to extend appreciation for everyone who made Party Central possible and successful; our sponsors who continue to provide us with the backing necessary to pull off such an event as Party Central, our loyal fans, we do it because of you, you guys make it worthwhile and we are happy that our hard work and dedication are appreciated. We look forward to a prosperous year and may December find us all in good health once again so we can Party again.”

If there is any truth to the famous quote, “The family that plays together stays together” then Party Central will live on. Central Street in Basseterre is transformed into Party Central when a stage for entertainment and vending booths for food and drinks are erected during the heart of the St. Kitts/Nevis carnival season. This promotion is the brain child of a group of young men who thought it best to share their carnival liming experience with everyone.

And so in its seventh year last year, Party Central, promoted ‘”Living like Family” as its theme, making it a home where nationals from all over and visitors alike could enjoy music from local bands and deejays and where they experienced what Party Central President Zikomo Condor calls “love and vibes.” Pictures reflect how committed this family was towards coming together, night after night, from Mondays to Saturdays, to enjoy music by Road march champs, Small Axe Band, The Nu Vybes Band International, Grand Masters Band, Excess Band and Kollison, as well as a number of deejays including house deejay Chronical Sounds.

While preparing to host the event, the police authorities had expressed concern about security, which was understandable for an open event to be held in the street with no security check points. At some point it seemed as if the promoters would not receive clearance to host the event and at that point they turned to the supporters via Facebook to petition for such clearance.

Just days before the official opening of Party Central, special assistance from Carnival Committee Chairperson Sylvester Anthony prompted the go ahead from authorities. Security was tight and provided by three to five Police Officers, nightly. At the end of it all Mr. Condor was happy to report an incident free season for Party Central which ran from Dec 14 to January 2. Unfortunately on January 2, the last night for Party Central, violence on a nearby street cancelled their activities. January 2, was dubbed the Nights of the stars featuring Infamus, Nicha B, Dagah and other local artistes. This not only brought a gloomy, abrupt end to Party Central but the entire carnival season.

 “Our biggest highlight every year would have to be the Santa night where Party Central’s foundation for under privileged kids, “Generation Change” hosts 300 of our kids in Party Central for a night of fun. We have Santa Clause to present them with their gifts then Domino’s provides some pizza for the kids. It’s just a magical night and the response we receive from the kids and their parents is priceless.” Mr. Condor explained.

Also for Junior Carnival which was held on Monday 31st December, Party Central became “Kids World” with games and entertainment for all children.

All that Party Central is can be simply described as a party lover’s home for carnival.


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