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‘Patches’ promotes plan for modern bus terminals in Basseterre

Liburd, who is a part of the Team Unity alliance, has been promoting his development agenda for the constituency during recent public meetings.

According to the candidate, the plan is to construct bus terminal facilities, not only for East Basseterre, but two other major stops in Basseterre, one serving the St. Peter’s communities and the other in downtown Basseterre next to the ferry terminal.

Speaking specifically of the East Basseterre terminal plan, Liburd indicated a construction site close to the Public Works Department compound on Wellington Road.

“We are going to put you in a modern bus terminal right next to the Public Works Department, to relocate the east line bus stop… You will have shops. You will have restaurants. You will have bathroom facilities, and you can travel like you have travelled all over the world,” Liburd told listeners.

He disclosed that should the Team Unity alliance form the next government following this year’s general elections, the Basseterre Ferry and Bus Terminals would be reconstructed to provide modern facilities for bus and ferry passengers.

“Imagine when you go down to the bus terminal in Basseterre where thousands of people travel between St. Kitts and Nevis – nowhere to relax. We are going to create a brand new terminal for the commuters travelling through those facilities, and for the St. Peter’s line as well,” Liburd disclosed.



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