Patches Wants to Meet Asim Martin in a Debate

New comer to the political scene and candidate for the opposition People’s Action Movement, Ian Patches Liburd, said he wants to meet Labour’s Dr. Earle Asim Martin, the incumbent, in a debate of the issues.

“I would like to issue an invitation to my opponent and the Parliamentary Representative of this area, Dr. Earl Asim Martin,” the PAM Candidate told a large crowd at a recent meeting.

“I would like to invite Asim to engage me in a debate on the state of affairs in East Basseterre and the lack of representation being provided by him as the Parliamentary Representative. Dr. Martin must account for the stagnant or regressive development of our beloved Newtown and East Basseterre. After 18 years our young people still can’t find work (and) our streets are paved only when elections are imminent,” stated Liburd.

Liburd, who is a former speech writer of Martin and also a former Permanent Secretary in the Labour Government, accused Martin, who is also the Deputy Prime Minister, of abandoning his constituents for most of the term in office. He further stated that Martin has only in recent times, found it convenient to be seen in the constituency, now that elections are imminent. Patches asked, “When last you see Asim in Ponds Extension or in East Street, George Street or Ponds Pasture?

The challenge came during one of many meetings that the People’s Action Movement has been hosting as a build up to the expected elections.

This is Liburd’s first attempt at the polls and while his party has been showing a rather aggressive and confident posture about his chances, he would have to mount a tough fight to unseat the 18 year incumbent who some opponents feel remains vulnerable.

Liburd indicated that over the next few weeks he will be outlining his plans for East Basseterre and these will result in a much improved standard of living for the people of the constituency.

Martin meantime has not responded to the challenge.

The People’s Action Movement’s next stop is in Saddlers for a Town hall meeting, on Wednesday, 22nd May, and in Boyd’s for a Public Meeting on Thursday 23rd May, said a party release.



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