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Patriots NOT Prostitutes

A true patriot cannot be a political prostitute. He or she cannot or will not sing for a political master in order to ensure a pocket lined with material benefits while watching the social and moral fabric of the country he or she loves disintegrate.

A true patriot understands that no government is perfect and that leaders can and will err as they are human. However, a true patriot does not turn a blind eye as “Rome” burns all the while playing political prostitute to the powers that be. A true patriot shuns puppetry at best.

Once elected to political office, politicians have a rather difficult but necessary job to perform; that of service to ALL citizens regardless of the known or perceived political persuasion of a constituent. Over the years however, it is seemingly become increasingly enticing to be in the “pockets” of a government or politician for the short term benefits that come with such an alliance even at the expense of long term losses for the remainder of the nation’s citizens. It seems political prostitution is at a heightened stage.

Those who propose to unify our twin isles insist it is what has gone awry in governance that demands a new political dispensation. They believe Unity is a required shift away from partisan and overzealous political tribal practices that have become common place.

The Unity partners insist they are loyal patriots willing and ready to serve as part of this new and dynamic political alternative. The Unity partners have shun the call to be political prostitutes and the electorate is listening keenly.

It is nothing short of amazing to see our current federation’s Ambassador Jacinth Henry-Martin in action as she works with a genuine commitment to reach out to all citizens in the diaspora. A former Labour government minister herself, Ambassador Henry-Martin serves with distinction and sets the bar high for politicians of all persuasions. Her legacy will certainly be one that speaks to unifying our citizens in the diaspora rather than cultivating a culture of polarization that has certainly destroyed many relationships. Ambassador Henry-Martin is a treasure and a patriot in the eyes of many citizens.

Unfortunately, the same cannot be said of many of our current leaders who continuously peddle and embrace the divisive, tribal politics played out in everything Kittitian and Nevisian even when politics has no place!

The Unity partners have declared that despite their differences, despite their history of disdain for each other, particularly between former representatives of the SKNLP and the PAM, the things that are good about our federation exist in the shadow of the many things that have gone wrong. They deem their collaboration as a “must do” aimed at re-charting the course that has brought our majestic twin island paradise to the economically, socially and politically troubled state it is currently in.

A reintroduction of this type of politics as a national approach to advancing our nation in every other area of our existence is necessary and many believe, attainable.

You don’t have to know Konris Maynard personally to like him. He is a musically gifted young man bar none. Talented extraordinaire! Six time calypso giant, Konris has shown many an audience at home, in the region and afar that he is a musical icon. He is clearly a respectable, well educated young man who seems to be good natured, extremely well brought up and on his way to being one of our federation’s “youth on the move”.

But the challenge Maynard has to overcome, as well as his colleagues the youthful Drs. Drew and Gilbert, is how will their new brand of politics be separate from that practiced by their party leader without offending the leader? Are they now endorsing a Prime Minister under whose watch many of the ills prevalent in the federation have occurred and who by all accounts, scientific and non scientific alike, the polls are saying have lost his way?

Unless this young well brought up political hopeful and his peers can be instrumental in implementing constitutional changes that speak to integrity in public office, term limits for a sitting Prime Minister,, set dates for federal and local elections, transparency with the SIDF, equity in the federal relationship with Nevis, a more practical VAT rate, sounder measures to combat youth on youth crime, constitutional reform, a new approach to the Citizen By Investment Program, and many more pertinent issues, there will be more high end political prostituting sanctioned by the powers that be instead of a much needed show of the spirit of patriotism in our federation.

Supporters of the current Labour Party lead administration insist that if former government ministers Sam Condor and Dr. Timothy Harris lost confidence in the government, they should have parted ways, bowed out quietly from active politics rather than shake up the political apple cart. Don’t challenge the party leadership!

However, many ask the question what if that leader may have lost his way much like the former Labour representatives insist is the case with Denzil Douglas? Should they have continued to front as though they have confidence in their leader? Should they have allowed the leader to have his way?

A Motion of No Confidence uses a constitutional tool to check the Prime Minister. It is the duty of the Speaker of the House to allow that tool to be so used. A leader who is confident of victory at the polls or confident that he will retain power even if an MONC is heard would NOT subject his citizens to a year long political stalemate.

The outcry from supporters of the current administration is Douglas is not a bad man he has done some good and for three opposition parties to “gang up” on him with a view to oust him is merely out of personal vendetta. Yet, among former government ministers and hundreds who no longer bear allegiance to the SKNLP, the tune remains the same; the Prime Minister’s way trumps all else. Today, he continues to conduct the business of the country despite the looming MONC.

Months ago we learned from the Prime Minister that Iranians and Afghans would no longer be allowed to be part of the highly profitable Citizens by Investment program. Months later, we are learning extremely disturbing news of an Iranian born citizen who now holds not just a St.Kitts-Nevis passport but a diplomatic passport which he allegedly used to acquire access to the Canadian Prime Minister. What is the real truth behind this alleged million dollar exchange and for what reason does anyone pay millions of dollars for a diplomatic passport? How comfortable are citizens that one man continues to ride the backs of a people while a selected clique of friends, family and foreigners find pleasures in our nation’s treasures?

Today, there are many patriots left in our federation but we need more. We need more of our citizens to be bold enough to challenge our leaders irrespective of the political party they support rather than allow political party after political party to abuse power to the detriment of an entire nation. The unified effort of several politicians now known as Team Unity became a realistic possibility because of the tattered state of the economic, political and social fabric of our nation. In fact, Unity would have NEVER been the reality it is today but for the loss of confidence in the current Labour administration.

Our federation demands that we stand as PATRIOTS and shun the temptation to be political prostitutes for the highest paying political master.

The time to stand in unison as a nation is NOW!



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