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Peace for Passion Week


From Sunday, Project Purple will host its week long activities, under the theme, ‘Peace for Passion Week’.

On Monday schools will begin to hold assemblies during which a “principal’s message” will be read, followed with family movie night, followed by a discussion of relevant issues.

On Tuesday students will have displays and other activities throughout the day. Tags will be sold on that day as well, each with a peace promoting message.

Wednesday will be considered as ‘Topsy Turvy Day’. On this day no student will receive any punishment, lashes or suspension.

A youth panel discussion via radio and television will be on Thursday, and the youth rally and fun day on Friday.

The week long celebration comes to an end on Saturday 1st October, 2011 with an awards banquet.

The banquet will recognize students who might go unnoticed, three awards are to be given:

  • To a young person who has recently left school, and who despite challenges is making a positive contribution to society.
  • To a student who has struggled in school but is now making an effort to change their life for the better.
  • To a student who is an all around good student, but who also demonstrates social conscientiousness through volunteer/community work.


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