Peaceful Protest Staged In Cayon

During Wednesday morning’s Voices Program, guest host Duncan “Big Lice” Wattley contacted the lone protester by phone to find out more about Liburd’s protest.

Liburd articulated that having learned that renovations were being conducted at the Cayon Primary School,  he was extremely disappointed to discover that not one of the contractors hails from Cayon. Lennox emphasized that he was by no means attacking the  contractors who were ultimately hired to do the job, however, he was concerned that given the slow economic activity in the village and the number of qualified contractors who live there, enough was not done to ensure the work reached contractors in the Cayon area eager for work.

For Liburd, the absence of Cayon contractors on a community project of this magnitude – on principle- is questionable.  “Where is the fair share for the Cayon contractors?” He asked. “Why are  Cayon people being treated unfairly? There needs to be justice for Cayon people.”

The passionate Cayon man revealed that Mark O’Loughlin, a Cayon resident and qualified contractor also bid to work on one of the schools and he has yet to receive a response from the powers that be.

When asked what he was trying to accomplish from his lone protest, Lennox told Voices guest host  Wattley that he hoped to raise the awareness of the authorities and suggested that “the people of Cayon must not sit down and allow those in  power to roll all over them.”

Liburd insisted, “That Cayon people must eat and that they too have families to feed.”  In fact, one of his placards read, “Oh lawd man! No wuk for Cayon Contractors? Dey pickney must nyam too!”

The lone protester insisted that the village of Cayon was once the pride of the federation and despite the fact that a few young men have gotten involved in criminal activities, Cayon is renowned for being an “institution” with dynamic people who can achieve remarkable success once granted the opportunity.

Liburd continued his protest as passers by watched in amazement.

Former Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Health, radio talk show host and renowned social activist, Douglas Wattley later joined Liburd in the peaceful and passionate protest.




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