People’s Action Movement congratulates Resident Taiwanese Ambassador on National Day

In the letter Mr. Grant praised the long and continuing solidarity between the two nations. He also paid special attention to the fact that the partnership with the ROC is a particularly bright feather in the cap of the People’ Action Movement.

“My political party the People’s Action Movement takes special pride in the strength and longevity of the partnership between our island nations as it represents one of the first crucial steps on our own path to nationhood,” Mr. Grant noted. He continued “As this partnership has grown and developed over nearly three decades the vision of our leaders has been fully vindicated.”

The Republic of China is the oldest diplomatic partner of the Federation after diplomatic relations were established soon after independence in 1983 by the PAM/NRP administration led by the Prime Minister  Dr . Kennedy Alphonse Simmonds.  The ROC on Taiwan was the first country. St.Kitts-Nevis recognized after gaining independence.

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