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public being warned against wearing camouflage outfits this carnival

It was this issue therefore that influenced a recent joint meeting of the heads of Customs, the Royal St. Christopher and Nevis Police Force, and the St. Kitts Nevis Defence Force.

The meeting on 29th November, 2013 paid much attention to the possibilities of widespread usage as the Christmas and carnival season draws near.

They have reminded that only soldiers and certain police units are authorized to wear camouflage. Unauthorized persons wearing any type of camouflage apparel will not be permitted to enter the facilities of the Police, Customs, of the Defence Force, they added. They added that police will confiscate the apparel when it is proper to do so.

The security forces are also making it clear that, as a final note of security for the general public this Christmas season, soldiers are the only ones permitted to wear camouflage on a regular basis and must have a beret with the military badges affixed. Any person wearing a camouflage and identifying themselves as soldiers must have the hat badge affixed to the beret.

The public is being advised to contact the military if they are approached by anyone identifying themselves as soldiers and are not wearing the hat badge on their beret. The police have three instances when they wear camouflage, and the wearers must show their police identification if requested. Call 911 if they refuse, said a police release.

The law (Chapter 19:14 Section 215 of the Defence Force Act) is clear that the possession of camouflage apparel is prohibited by non-authorized persons and the importation of camouflage apparel is restricted without prior authorization from the Commissioner of Police.

Customs is authorized to seize the restricted apparel without prior written authorization from the Commissioner of Police. Once confiscated due to restricted importation, they will not be returned and members of the public are further cautioned not write or contact the police commissioner, because their late request will be denied.



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