Planning Department Threatens Removal of Unregistered Banners and Billboards


A spokesman in the Department of Physical Planning and Environment said banners and billboards that are erected in public spaces and are not registered with the Department will be removed and destroyed.

A notice from the Department, circulated to local media organizations this week, reminded the general public that banners and billboards must be registered before they are erected.

“The registration involves a fee that will depend on the type of banner or billboard that is to be erected,” said the Department, adding: “All unregistered banners and billboards will be removed and destroyed in accordance with the Development Control and Planning (Control of Advertising) Regulations, 2008.

The Department has also expressed concern over the long periods that banners and billboards are allowed to remain mounted, for several weeks after events.

Department officials are encouraging members of the public to contact them for further guidance and information. The Department of Physical Planning and Environment can be reached at 465-2277.

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