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Plans highlighted for young entertainers and sport professionals

In a recent address, the prime ministerial candidate for Team Unity in the impending general elections said that under a Team Unity government the necessary support would be provided to those personalities so that they could make a living from their trade, and from the talent they harness in the fields of “culture, entertainment, sports and music”.

“The national community has for long been concerned about the unsatisfactory support being provided to our sporting icons and those of our rising entertainers like Nicha B, Infamus, Highlight etc. Persons have been arguing that the St Kitts and Nevis Music Festival should be reoriented to showcase and support more local talents and culture.”

According to Harris, the coalition Team Unity shares the concerns, and believes that the “cultural, sporting and entertainment industries” must be managed properly to allow locals to share in its prosperity.

On that note, he cited global trends that show that these areas are considered some of the most booming sectors globally, and as such, the coalition would be seeking to capitalize on that growth.

“The new Team UNITY government will seek to capitalize on this by employing the services of our top Sports, Entertainment and Cultural Personalities who will assist and work with the Ministry of Tourism, the St. Kitts and Nevis Tourism Authority  and the Department of Culture, to help promote the destination in the Caribbean, North American and European markets,” explained Harris.

Moreover, he said, when it comes to the development of culture in the schools, he stated that they would assist in the development of “Sports and Culture” so that young persons can become professionals in the Sport or Entertainment arena.


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