PLP’s ‘Ninky’ Williams named Team Unity’s candidate for St. Christopher Six

By PLP PR Media Inc.,

Two political leaders in Team Unity on Monday May 18 endorsed well-known Civil Engineer, Mr Kevin ‘Ninky’ Williams of the Peoples Labour Party (PLP) as Team Unity’s flag bearer in the June 5 General Election for the St. Christopher Six seat.

Prime Minister and National Political Leader of the Peoples Labour Party Dr the Hon Timothy Harris, and Deputy Prime Minister and National Leader of the People’s Action Movement (PAM) – two of the three parties in Team Unity – joined supporters of the candidate at his launch ceremony that was held at Willett Great House in St. Paul’s.

Mr Williams is the Chairman of the Peoples Labour Party Constituency Number Six Executive Branch. The ceremony which was chaired by his campaign manager Mr Calvin Leader, and was attended  by other senior PLP and PAM officials, observed social distancing and wearing of facemasks as per SR&O Number 16 of 2020, Emergency Powers (COVID-19) Regulations.

Prime Minister Harris in thanking those who turned out for the brief ceremony at very short notice informed them that history was in the making, advising that history is always being made by ordinary people who find the strength and the courage to act in their own defence.

“I have no doubt that Kevin Williams represents your leader of the future when he wins,” said Dr Harris. He added that it is now possible because unlike elections before, “Douglas has no seat, so Douglas is starting just like Ninky – he is starting as a man who has been thrown out of his seat by the Court.”

The PLP National Political Leader said the people of Constituency Number Six need a fresh start, and that they really need somebody who now appreciates where they are, and he thanked the candidate for taking the stand on his journey to bring proper representation to the people of Number Six.

“Times have changed and gone, and you now have to secure yourselves,” advised Dr Harris. “What I can promise you: Five years of Kevin Williams working in the Team Unity Government of Harris and Shawn Richards will bring more to you and to your community than has ever happened under the former regime – so you have a clear choice.”

In accepting the honour, Mr Williams expressed it was a pleasure to be selected to represent the people of St. Paul’s and Constituency Six. He observed that the people have been suffering all the time as a result of poor representation stating that they have always been taken for granted by the leadership, and that is what he is aiming to change.

“We have the right to stand up and counted and not to be counted while sitting down,” said Mr Williams. “What I want to instil in all of you young guys is to come out and come forward and to show that we have the right as any other constituents. You need proper representation – somebody who will look for you, and this is what I will bring to you guys.”

The Team Unity candidate lamented that while the constituency was for last twenty years represented by a prime minister, the constituents were never given opportunities as the leader empowered people from outside St. Paul’s and bemoaned that no permanent secretary came from St. Paul’s.

“The Unity Government has done a lot of things and will continue doing it,” said Mr Williams. “We in Constituency Six have a statement to make. It is no longer we will be fooled. It is no longer we want people to take us for granted. Let us show them that we deserve to be counted and we are going to make it count this election.”

Peoples Labour Party officials in attendance included the National Chairman who is also the Chairman of Voters’ Turnout Committee, Mr Warren Thompson, the National Secretary Ms Myrtilla Williams, Deputy National Chairman Mr Craig Tuckett, Deputy National Secretary Mr Christophe Greaux, PLP Founding Member Mr William Phillip, Chairperson of PLP Constituency Number Four Branch Ms Petrona Thomas, and members of the PLP Constituency Number Six Branch Executive including Ms Verneen Rawlins who gave the vote of thanks.

Photo: Prime Minister and PLP National Political Leader Dr the Hon Timothy Harris (centre), Deputy Prime Minister and PAM National Leader the Hon Shawn Richards (right), and Team Unity Number Six Candidate, Mr Kevin ‘Ninky’ Williams (Left)

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