PM chastises Chastanet over statements made about the economy

According to the Prime Minister, “Mr. Chastanet’s description of me as “dishonest and delusional” is actually an attack on the integrity and professionalism of all the public officers who monitor our economy and provide data on the economy’s performance. This is really shameful.

He repudiates the figures prepared by these professionals on the economy but yet when it suits him he quotes other figures also prepared by these same individuals.”

The Prime Minister added, “I can understand the deep disappointment that Allen Chastanet feels about the recovery of Saint Lucia’s economy. After all, for weeks he has paraded at home and abroad at every opportunity he gets, to announce that the economy of Saint Lucia is going nowhere. The recent news is like a fishbone in his throat. But this is no longer the time for his diet of platitudes. He says he has a plan to resolve unemployment, bring investment, but rather ominously, cut expenditure. All we hear about are plans and plans and plans. But we are yet to hear the details of a single one of these plans.

What are his plans to cut expenditure? He must tell the people of Saint Lucia now! How many civil servants does he propose to send home? Which services to the people of Saint Lucia does he plan to cut? Will he end the programme to care for the elderly? Will he end NICE and STEP?” Which jobs does he intend to terminate? Will it be another round of victimization like the Tourism Hostesses in Soufriere?”

The Prime Minister concluded, “It is now clear to all who have examined his academic credentials that Allen Chastanet is not an economist. The records will also show that almost every single pronouncement he has made on the economy is false or misleading. He has proven that he has no understanding of how the economy works, or what is needed to correct the errors of his past Government. I have never claimed to be an economist, but at least I have had the experience of managing this economy over several years, through challenging times and now again, through a period of renewed stability.”

“The people of Saint Lucia must ensure that the management of this economy does not fall in the hands of Chastanet especially after this Government has brought it back from the brink of collapse.”

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