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PM endorses Konris; Bell makes first appearance

At various political meetings, the prime minister has accused members of the opposition of “betrayal”. Speaking at a public meeting Sunday night (Jan. 18), he spared no time informing the people of constituency #3 that their current representative should not to be trusted.

Amidst the “tongue lashing” and “character assassination” of several opposition members by a number of Labour candidate speakers, Dr. Douglas, when it was his turn to speak to the crowd that the duplicity of constituency #3 parliamentary representative Sam Condor should not be taken lightly.

“When they were only two constituencies, six and three were always there. That is why I vex with Sam, because he wants to take your constituency and give it to PAM,” Douglas said.

The Labour Party leader acknowledged Konris Maynard, the Labour candidate for #3, who will soon face Condor for the position of parliamentary representative.

The prime minister, with his “and so it is written” speech, also gave a few hints to the already amused crowd about when the date of elections would be called.

“The bell shall not appear more than three times on the stage before it is rung to bring in the next elections here in St. Kitts and Nevis. And so tonight, it makes its first appearance,” Douglas said.

Douglas further reminded those in attendance that the Labour Party during its five-year tenure has “progressed” St. Kitts and Nevis, adding that through the many challenges, the party has stuck to its mandate to advance the country.


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