PM Harris to host Constituency #7 12th Annual Help a Child Programme

This year over 40 students from four primary schools in the constituency will be awarded with EC$500.00 grants each. The primary schools that the students come from are the Edgar T. Morris Primary School in Tabernacle, the Violet Petty Primary School in Lodge Project, the Estridge Primary School in Mansion’s Village, and the Joshua Obadiah Primary School in Molineux Village.  

Over the 12 year period of the programme, 330 students have been sponsored to the tune of EC$165,000. In general, students are selected by the schools for the award.

“Education is the best gift that any parent can give a child,” Prime Minister Harris said, adding that he recognizes the importance of education.

Dr. Harris says that he feels compelled to give back to the communities he serves because if it were not for the scholarships that he received to advance his education, he would not be the prime minister today with a PhD.


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