PM King Addresses Upsurge in Crime Through Broadcast to Nation

The address was prompted by an upsurge in crime, especially drive-by shootings and according to Prime Minister King, help is coming from Israel to fight crime and the United States has also been approached for assistance.


King, in his broadcast, said that his government would crack down on hardened criminals in St Lucia as police reported that warring gangs were engaged in drive-by shootings. So far for the year, 15 people have been murdered in the relatively small island with a population of approximately 150,000.



The Prime Minister said many St. Lucians live in fear because criminal elements have preyed on the minds of our youth “as they attempt to destabilise our country and create chaos where previously we enjoyed peace and tranquillity.”

He added, “Tonight I wish to reiterate that this government will not allow our society and our way of life to deteriorate to the extent that criminals feel they can operate with impunity…”

King stressed that the criminal elements cannot win, and they will be hunted down.

He announced that Israel has approved a request to provide assistance in intelligence gathering and handling human resources operations, detective work, technical surveillance and general surveillance.

The United States, he said, has been approached for additional training and logistics support, the prime minister disclosed.



(Content for this article was obtained from a Caribbeannewsnow release)

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