PM outlines key benefits from visit to Taiwan

He indicated that in the short-term benefits would be achieved in three areas. He said, “Some of those will be further collaboration in health care and health delivery, an expansion in the number of scholarships to become available to the citizens of St. Kitts and Nevis, and we discussed collaboration in the matter of national security. These were three areas that were subjects of discussion.”

During the all-expense paid visit to Taiwan, as the prime minister informed, he met with students of the federation and discussed several matters with them. Harris explained, “The visit allowed an opportunity to interact with our students who are resident in Taiwan, and to hear first-hand from them about some of the challenges and opportunities that they experience there. As a result of that, we asked the Human Resource Department to investigate a number of issues that they raised.”

The prime minister gave as an example, delays in receiving payments once they are in Taiwan “from one or two of the institutions there involved in payment”. Overall, he said the visit was “fruitful and beneficial”.

Criticized for the number of overseas trips taken in his young administration, Harris countered, “As we build our foreign affairs portfolio of countries on which we rely, it becomes very necessary that the head of the Government and the foreign minister visit these countries to consolidate the bonds of friendship.”

He said that building personal relations in international relations creates better communications and confidence among leaders. “This becomes critically important in the sphere of international relations in which we are engaged,” Harris stated.

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