PM Rowley of Trinidad & Tobago speaks about mandatory vaccination

Basseterre, Thursday, 15th July, 2021, (MyVue every other country throughout the world, Trinidad & Tobago is also trying to find ways to ensure that its citizens are fully vaccinated.

Generally, however, there has been a strong showing of citizens volunteering to take the vaccine, but yet the country has not been able to reach the required ‘herd immunity.

Speaking recently in the media in Trinidad, Prime Minister Keith Rowley stopped short of declaring that his government would make it mandatory for all citizens to be vaccinated.

He said that if a variant of COVID-19 becomes more virulent, then Government would do what is necessary to protect the population.

Rowley said that through scientific information it is known that there is a vaccine that could prevent that from happening, and if it does, then the Government would have to decide on behalf of those persons who have the right to protect themselves from the virus.

“So a decision will have to be made,” Rowley said.

“If the voluntary situation gives us the results we could live with then we live with it being voluntary but some countries have already gone beyond that,” he said.

Rowley said the matter went to court in France.

He said that even voluntary travel could pressure people to get vaccinated.

The prime minister opined that vaccination is not new and nothing unique to the human population, and that vaccination was not an invasion of rights.

“It is to protect human life and if the decision at the level of the Government, that is responsible for the wider population where the majority would like to preserve their life, where there is something available, then the Government would have to take that decision,” he said.

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