PM Says LIAT’s Position Has Worsened Because Of COVID, Reiterates Call For Bailout

By Antigua News Room,

Prime Minister Gaston Browne has responded to calls for LIAT to resume services saying that the airline would need a lot of people to move because of its poor financial situation.

LIAT announced last month that its passenger services will be suspended for another month, until June 30th, 2020.

Browne says LIAT cannot resume operations until other regional airports open.

“LIAT needs a critical mass of people to move and most of the countries within the region they are still closed. So until such time that they open their borders LIAT will not be able to resume services.

“LIAT is just waiting for them to open up so that they can resume their service,” Browne told Pointe FM over the weekend.

He said the financial position of LIAT has not improved and the airline would need another bailout.

“I made the point too that LIAT is in a very precarious position and we going to come to have to come together to put some form on bailout package in order to ensure the survivability of LIAT. It was bad prior to COVID it’s even worse now.”

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