PM Says, Mark Brantley Power Hungry

The recent move by the opposition to introduce a motion or resolution of no confidence against Prime Minister Douglas and his Administration, has caused the already poor relationship to worsen with such rapidity that the words being expressed by the Head of Government have been described by some as widening the gap between the two public officials.

Dr. Douglas, while hosting his weekly radio program, “Ask the Prime Minister”, on Tuesday 11th December, 2012, on the government owned ZIZ Radio, accused Brantley of being too hungry for power and a strong proponent of the separation of the twin-island federation, so that he and his party, CCM, can gain a stronger foothold on the Nevisian political landscape.

Douglas said, “Mr. Brantley really has no good intention for the people of St. Kitts and Nevis. He is the one who has gone on record to say that he wishes to dismantle the relationship between St. Kitts and Nevis.”  Mr. Brantley has said he is secessionist and he cannot work with St. Kitts, if he is in government, accused the Prime Minister.

Perhaps reflecting on the current turmoil embroiling the ruling Labour Party, Dr. Douglas admitted that there is of no surprise at all, with the way this matter has turned out; especially as it relates to the introduction of an official Vote of No Confidence Resolution, and the potential consequences, whenever the Resolution reaches the floor of the National Assembly for debate and voting. Speculations are that the motion will carry, bringing an end to the Labour Administration, headed for the past 17 years by Dr. Douglas.

 “It has been orchestrated by Mr. Mark Brantley in order to divert the attention of … the people, that he is losing his grip in the race in Nevis and trying to muscle in as some strong man, in tackling the government of St. Kitts; But, Brantley, in the purpose of doing that, for that for his own selfish purposes, does not care how he hurt(s) this country, St. Kitts.

“He does care how he drives away investors, he does care whether the senior citizens who have served this country as public servants, who are retired, whether they can get their salary or not; and he does care whether or not our hospital here in St. Kitts and Nevis would have enough money to buy medicines and so forth,” opined Douglas.

Mr. Douglas charged that Mark Brantley’s concern is to bring the activity of government to an end, in order to satisfy his own personal ambitions … firstly to muscle his way into the election in Nevis and then hopefully thinking that, that would also allow him to ascend to winning the seat in the federal elections in Nevis. “But I say to Mark Brantley, you have not yet seen the battle that you are into”, the Prime Minster promised.

Douglas also responded to charges in the public that the Labour party was on the verge of imploding with the current heavy burden of infighting, division, accusations of betrayal, accusations of dictatorship and disrespectful behaviour, on the part of the party leader and Prime Minister.

Dr. Douglas admitted that he thinks the party is receiving a challenge and that this is not the first for the party; to experience challenges. “However” he continued, “To say that the party is imploding I don’t think it is the right thing to say.”

He further went on to say that, his duty as leader of the party is to make sure that others in the organization understand what is happening, by therefore bringing information to not only the party, but to supporters of the government, to assure the people and citizens that from time to time, the party can have difficulties, but success is really determined by how the difficulties are handled.

He said that he is determined to ensure that the approach to this matter is one of maturity, by allowing both sides to understand what the issues are, and to try their best to work together to mend any possible broken fences. The Prime Minister said he is appealing to persons within the organization, who have good will and interest for the success and stability of St. Kitts and Nevis, to work closely to prevent the party and the government from implosion.

In light of this serious situation, the Prime minister does not wish anyone to think this matter is not been seen as a very serious one, and in this regard, he said that to a large extend, he believes all of this is happening because the leader of the opposition,  who is in the middle of electoral fight for his life in Nevis, and who appears to be way behind in the polls, has muscled his way , to some kind of leadership position in the race that he is contesting  in Nevis.  And so he has decided to bring St. Kitts into a situation of instability in order to meet his own personal and self-aggrandisement in his fight against Mr. Hensley Daniel for a seat in the Nevis local elections.

Douglas said, “Mark Brantley is power hungry and has set out to create all kinds of distractions from what is real, the real battle ground”. That battleground suggested is Nevis, where local island elections are pending.



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