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PM Skerrit promises government for and of the people

He made the remarks during a ceremony at the State House on Tuesday during which he was officially sworn-in as prime minister by the president of Dominica, Charles Saverin.

“We shall truly be a government of the people and for the people,” he said.

He thanked voters for what he called “the very strong mandate” given to the DLP by voters.

Skerrit said the ministers of the new government will be sworn-in on Saturday at the Windsor Park Sports Stadium after which they will ‘hit the road running.’

“The new government will be sworn-in on Saturday evening and ministers shall take to their offices on Monday morning to commence work on behalf of the people of this beautiful country, Dominica,” he stated.

He noted that there is a lot of work to be done in Dominica “and time is not on our side.”

“I believe that Dominica has made enormous strides for the past 14 years and I am satisfied that if we can and unite as a people and keep focus on what’s best for Dominica, our contined march towards peace, progress and prosperity in the context of a just society, will be rewarding to every last Dominican,” he remarked.

He said the agenda has been set for moving Dominica forward for the next five years and work begins for him almost immediately.

“Work for me, as prime minister, begins tomorrow in earnest,” Skerrit said. “My travels on behalf of this country resumes on Sunday morning, as I head to Cuba for an ALBA summit.”

The prime minister said he looks forward to the opening of the new parliament.

“It is my hope that first-time parliamentarians can work with us to lift the standard of debate and discourse on the floor of parliament,” he stated. “I believe with the advent of social media, parliament should not only be a place for the enactment of laws but should also be a source of education and information to citizens and residents of our country.”

He noted that he hopes parliamentarians will take their responsibilities seriously.

“I would want to believe that the era of parliament boycotts and walk-outs is over,” Skerrit said. “I would want to believe that in the debate of parliament support will be given where support is deserving and constructive criticism will be leveled when merited.”

The prime minister also said in the new government, systems will be put in place for greater interaction between MPs and their constituents.

The DLP won 15 out of the 21 seats in parliament following Monday’s general election.

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