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PM Skerrit to deliver foreign policy lecture in Grenada

The event, dubbed the “Inaugural March 13th Lecture”, is being organized by the Grenada Revolution Memorial Foundation Inc. (GREMFO) and Groundation Grenada.

Skerrit will speak on the topic: “The Grenada Revolution, Foreign Policy and Development of Small Island States in the Present International Environment”.

According to a spokesman for the organizers, “The choice of this year’s topic is influenced by the recent re-establishment of relations between Cuba and the United Sates and by other trends in international relations which pose challenges for small Caribbean states.”

GREMFO is a non-profit organization that members say is “working towards achieving a fair and balanced assessment of the impact of the 1979 Revolution on Grenada and the wider Caribbean; and fostering a spirit of reconciliation among persons affected by the Grenada Revolution and its demise”.

Groundation Grenada comprises young Grenadians “committed to preserving and embracing Grenada’s history generally, but also the history of the Grenada Revolution, more specifically”.

“We intend to make the March 13th lecture an annual event to be facilitated by prominent local, regional or international persons on topics of current interest,” the spokesman said.

The first in the planned annual lecture series, to which Skerrit has been invited to speak, is on Monday, March 16.


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