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PM warned that bullying, threats could cost him the next election

He warned head of the Antigua & Barbuda Labour Party (ABLP) that such acts could result in a loss at the next general elections.

Browne recently labelled individuals, who have raised alarm over development proposals in Barbuda and Old Road as “economic terrorists.”

Dr Newton says he is outraged that the prime minister would use such inflammatory language against residents who have genuine concerns.

“That kind of utter nonsense must be stopped, and Gaston must be stopped in his tracks with that folly. It is remarkable stupidity and it deserves the most powerful condemnation,” he chided. “He is out of order.”

Dr Newton said the prime minister should not dismiss the concerns of the community because their participation is needed in the development process.

He said if the concerns are not met for these projects, they have the potential to fail.


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