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Police & Media Tour Communities

The community walk-through came as part of the exercises of a three day police-media relations workshop that is set to conclude today, (Wednesday 2nd May), at the Police Training Complex, at Ponds Pasture, Basseterre.

Newtown and Frigate Bay were the two communities included in the outreach program that allowed the media representatives and police, to learn first-hand, of the burning issues that affect the safety and security of residents.DSCN9641

Some of the concerns raised by the Newtown community spoke to the lack of a regular police presence in the area which residents feel if corrected could help to discourage wrongdoers from performing illegal acts.

While meeting with community members in the Frigate Bay area the police officials were given high commendation for their continued work in that district, with some business operators there expressing satisfaction over the improved level of security that is believed to have created a greater feeling of comfort.

Despite the praise being given however, some concerns were raised by taxi operators who usually work in the area, expressing their fears about irresponsible parking habits of some customers of establishments in the area.

They cautioned that unless some action is taken to exercise greater discipline of motorists, it is quite possible that accidents may be the unfortunate result.

The major concern shared by the taxi operators however related to the lack of a police presence on the Southeast Peninsula, tripled with the unavailability of street lights and poor cell phone reception. They stated that if an accident or some medical emergency were to develop in that area it would be very difficult to make contact with the relevant authorities for help.

They explained that on a daily or nightly basis, taxis are hired to transfer both residents and visitors to the various restaurants on the Southeast Peninsula and such journeys are becoming increasingly dangerous, given the poor road conditions, lack of lighting and unreliable communication systems.

DSCN9636The officer responsible for the area, Inspector Lindon David, assured the taxi operators that their issues would be examined and appropriate actions considered.

Tuesday’s community initiative would also help to shape future collaborative efforts that would be attempted jointly by the police and media to better serve the interest of the public through the provision of security and safety initiatives mixed with information sharing via the media.

The three day workshop is due to end on Wednesday with the drafting of articles that could form the basis of a new protocol to guide an enhanced working relationship between the police and media.

Those media groups included in the exercise, since its commencement on Monday have been WINN FM,, ZIZ, SKNVIBES and Observer Newspaper.



















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