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Police Caution Citizens and Visitors to be on Guard This Carnival

Carnival is in full swing and the city streets of Basseterre are alive and well with vibrant pursuits.  Police services have stated that commotion for the rest of the year will be at an all-time high.

They further stated it would be wise that one pay extra attention of ones surroundings and be cautious of criminal elements potentially lurking near. 

“Loud music and large crowds are perfect breeding grounds for pick-pockets.  Late nights out reveling in the moment leave homes vulnerable to break-ins”. These were a few observations Inspector Lyndon David, Public Relations Officer for the St. Kitts Nevis Police Force made in an interview with

In speaking with Inspector David, he made a few obvious points, indicating that common sense and co-operation go a long way to keeping yourself safe. The Inspector also stated that “our intention generally is to maintain a safe environment for all”.

He made it clear in our discussion that the police have no intention to diminish the festive atmosphere and the hope is that all “have a good time within the context of the law”.  The Police have produced and distributed a list of guidelines that can help in achieving this. 

Some of these guidelines are:

  • All vendors within event grounds are to serve beverages in paper or plastic cups with the reason being clear that bottles can be used as a weapon.
  • With respect to licensed firearms, no firearms are weapons will be permitted at the Sugar Mill in Warner Park.  The Inspector made it clear that if one has to travel with their firearm, they are to leave it at the nearest police station before entering the event.
  • Police have warned that any individual arrested during the season for violent behavior may not be granted bail.

A point the Inspector could not emphasize greater was the need for the musical bands co-operation throughout the entire carnival; whether it is during street jamming, concerts or any other event. 

The police have also cautioned that weapons such as sticks and pipes are not permitted and should not be encouraged during jam sessions. Bands and their managers are being asked to aid in maintaining peace and non-violence within their fan-base.  “Bands should indicate to police if they see something that shouldn’t be happening” was asked by Inspector David and he mentioned that this can be achieved by turning down the music or stopping altogether. 

He also suggested that if we all take a moment to consider these points while in a sober state of mind, it can go a long way in negating potential wrong doings. 

Police have stated that so far, no carnival related crimes have been reported and that to date everything is moving along smoothly.  In addition he requested that members of the public should report any criminal activity that they may observe, including car break-ins, building vandalism, public unrest/assault, etc.

Inspector David asks that members of the public notify the police immediately whenever they observe any unlawful activities.  He concluded with saying that these measures can only enhance community safety.

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